The Houston Astros head after a rocky weekend against the White Sox at Chicago to the coast.

They even won the opener, but faltered at the two games. They lost a 4-1 decision then got into a high-scoring shootout in a 13-9 closing. Because their pitching got throttled for 13 runs afternoon, the match was an uncharacteristic loss for the Astros.
Wade Miley made out of sorts early and continued only 3.1 innings before the bullpen took over and took a much worse beating. Ryan Pressly chose the largest loss, as he had been manipulated for 4 earned runs in only an inning of work. Despite that tough string, the Astros have been in great shape using a 9.5-game lead in the AL West.
The Astros cruise to the postseason with the AL West crown in hand and can manage to take a hit in August. However, they are still competing for seeding. The Yankees are a few games around the Astros, thus there is work left to do for Houston in that regard. Theres also the Dodgers whod have homefield edge on these when they were to fulfill in the World Series.
The primary goal is under wraps for the Astros, however. Although the Athletics do not know if they will be playing in any postseason game they will not need to play at the Wild Card Game. Every match grows more significant than the preceding from now on out.
Mike Fiers, that has been the pitcher in the majors this season, will likely be tasked with leading the Athletics on Thursday into a triumph over the Astros. Aaron Sanchez will make his third start as a member of the Astros tonight. Head below for our complimentary Astros vs. Athletics selection.
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A life preserver was thrown when the Astros known as the Blue Jays and acquired about the availability of him. Sanchez obtained a transaction to a competitive team and a team who has been known for getting the maximum out of their pitchers. Justin Verlander has looked much better at Houston later pitching a Cy Young and no-hitters at Detroit and this is. JV said he learned things he never understood before and its appeared to provide help.
At Sanchezs brief time in Houston so far, he has been great with a 0.82 ERA in two trips. Can it be the Astros effect or hes just finally finding his groove? It may be a bit of both. Sanchez did put together a good outing for the Blue Jays from the Indians two starts before going to Houston. Overall on the season, Sanchez enters with a 5.60 ERA along with 1.60 WHIP. I dont think he was as bad as he seemed to the majority of the calendar year in Toronto, but I also dont think hes as good as weve seen in Houston the past two games.
Sanchez was flying on the road in 2019, since he retains an ERA of 6.41 and 1.79 WHIP at 60.1 innings. The Athletics are hitting on .269 together with 6 runs performed on Sanchez at 52 at-bats. The key to Oakland in this game, though, is going to be the play of Mike Fiers. Everyone has been sleeping on him this year, but hes been generating in their turning.
Fiers has been especially sharp at home, where hes boasted an ERA of 2.54 and also 1.03 WHIP in 78 innings. Be aware that at ten of the previous eleven excursions, Fiers has allowed less or two runs. He hasnt given up more than just 3 runs in a start because way back on April 20th against the Blue Jays. TheStros are hitting on just .230 against Fiers at 122 at-bats. The oddsmakers have been sleeping Fiers this year too. Worth a look, Fiers is definitely as a house underdog.

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