Ahead of Liverpool’s trip live on Sky Sports, Virgil van Dijk sat to Speak himself, That Both the Old Trafford clash and Name race .

Liverpool will go into the Premier League table’s game top eight points ahead of reigning champions – having they being already touted by some observers as the victors of this season.
However, Van Dijk has brushed aside the expectation and pressure as Liverpool look to keep the momentum from their Champions League title win.
In an exclusive interview with Woods before Renault Super Sunday, the Netherlands globally said:”I do not believe we have anything to lose. Man City are the champions, they are protecting their title and we want to get it. In my viewpoint, we just have to do it.
“The pressure gets bigger, but that stems from the press. They love to put more pressure on us and that with. I don’t mind about what people say because I’m not thinking, I want to win.
“We certainly need to appreciate it [being high in the Premier League] and be full of confidence, particularly with the way we’ve got these points, never been the best matches but getting the wins.
“There are several games left, so you can’t really consider it [winning the name ] – it is not realistic. It’s the better situation to maintain and we do not, although we should not.
“I really don’t see Man City’s games but I have family and friends who text me or say something, particularly after the Wolves game [when City lost 2-0]. We have learnt from last year that we do not have to look before the conclusion of the effort to the others although that’s just part of life. Man City are not going away although so far, we have been doing.
“The desire [to acquire trophies] is much more than it had been before [winning the Champions League]. Everybody wishes to experience it again. It was such a fantastic day with the whole build-up and everything that started with the match against Barcelona in the home.
“We all have fantasies, we all have targets. With the Champions League this past year, we all started it’s the same with all the Premier League and the contest hoping to win it. Hopefully it is going to happen this year but if not, then we proceed again next year.”
Liverpool have won all eight of their Premier League fixtures up to now, but after a couple of calls, there are attributes as they plan to their first league title since 36, to tweak.
“There’s definitely room for improvement – handling the games somewhat better, occasionally teams are playing well against us and they want to beat us and they not quit. I am thinking about Sheffield United when we performed away, how tough it was there and credit to themthey pushed us right to the end, generated moments.
“There were instances in the match when we had big opportunities but at the moment, we try to grind out these games too and I think that it’s very significant”
Sunday’s game is among the biggest in soccer as Liverpool journey to perform with Man Utd at Old Trafford, live on Sky Sports. Their older foes have fought this year, currently in 12th with nine things – a whopping 15 points behind Liverpool.
Man Utd will be without midfielder Paul Pogba along with goalkeeper David de Gea one of a raft of accidents ravaging the group, however Van Dijk is focused on the Reds and not their opponents’ trainings.
He said:”For these, it isn’t the ideal situation to shed your first-choice goalkeeper, one of the finest in the world, and one of their main midfielders. They will be frustrated but for us, we just need to focus on ourselves.
“They wish to bounce back to all they’ve done this year and it’s not what they’ve wanted up to now, but we want to head out there and extend our points tally and keep winning.
“They are not in the very best way, they are not entirely confident and they are not in the case they want to be in. Nevertheless, the thing about soccer is it is possible to bounce back into any match. We know that although they may believe that this is the occasion to bounce back from it. We want to go out and struggle for each single metre on the pitch and attempt to take the 3 points back to Liverpool.
“It is enormous, but it is more massive for the fans. I think the Champions League games all are as big as this. Leading to the match and the whole atmosphere is bigger than another games but I do not think it’s the largest of the year. The big ones are the Champions League and also those which are hopefully going to win the Premier League title.”
Van Dijk has shrunk since coming at Liverpool in January 2018, heading on to win many accolades, including the PFA Players’ Player of the Year along with UEFA Men’s Player of the Year.
He’s started in 60 of the 61 Premier League games he’s played in for Liverpool and it reflects in the determined attitude of Van Dijk.
“I need to get involved in each game,” he further added. “They are the most enjoyable component of being a football player anyhow, to go out there and show your abilities to the Earth, attempt to win a match with a group that you train daily in, day out.
“It’s not easy, you have to care for yourself and with the life we live, it’s very important to leave a good deal of things. As an example, we play with four games at the next 11 days, so you are travelling and staying in hotels and you want to watch what you eat, drink and make sure to recover nicely.
“I am not complaining, not at all, but you want to look after yourself because in the close of the day, the individuals are visiting the scene to see you perform and it isn’t important when you had a cold the day before, they would like you to flip on matchday.
“That’s why it’s very important to look after yourself and also a significant portion of that is staying fit. So far, I have been doing that quite well and hopefully I can continue doing it.
“My role is precisely exactly the same with or without the armband. I try to take responsibility I want to as well and since in my position, I have to. I attempted to direct the boys from the majority of the moment and behind, I have a synopsis of the whole pitch so that I can try to shout into the three, maybe not or if they hear it.
“Around me well with the goalie, the full-backs, or the midfielders, I attempt to yell them, while it’s nonsense or items that are necessary and need to be said. I believe it’s a really important thing in football to keep each other awake and awake. Sometimes they must shout to me as well and they’ll.”
Follow the action out of Old Trafford using our dedicated live site or watch live coverage on Sky Sports Premier League from 3pm; Kick-off at 4.30pm. Highlights of the game is going to be released 15 minutes later full time on app and the Sky Sports website plus the Sky Sports Football YouTube channel.

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