Michael Chiesa’s Lawsuit Against Conor McGregor Revealed

The UFC 223 bus incident isn’t in the rear-view mirror just yet for Conor McGregor. The Irish celebrity was sued by Michael Chiesa after he had been hurt in the dolly-throwing episode back at UFC 223, and now we have details of the lawsuit. TMZ has been the first to report the particulars of the lawsuit in a movie that you are able to watch at the end of this report.
As stated by the TMZ report, Chiesa is asserting that the UFC 223 dolly episode was a publicity stunt on the part of McGregor, and Chiesa desires all of McGregor’s profits from his mega struggle against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. According to the litigation, the”Son of Sam” law in New York applies to the episode, where a person convicted of a crime can not utilize that offense to profit. According to the suit, Chiesa believes McGregor profited from the UFC 223 episode, partly because it attracted more attention to the card, and also because the UFC used footage of the bus attack to market the McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov fight at UFC 229. Remember that the UFC 229 pay-per-view has been the biggest selling PPV the UFC has done, therefore McGregor made countless dollars for that fight, and Chiesa wants a piece of the pie.
Can Chiesa’s lawsuit succeed? Who knows at this point, and it is possible this is finally settled out of court. But obviously Chiesa was given legal advice to carry this as far as he could go and he’ll attempt to make some cash off of it, and it’s hard to blame him considering he was legally injured in the bus attack. So far, fans and press have laughed off Chiesa’s suit. But everyone needs to recall Chiesa received facial cuts at the bus attack that forced him off the card. He fought UFC 226 and dropped by submssion to Anthony Pettis, and he should feel like he got the raw end of the offer. Chiesa is next scheduled to confront Carlos Condit in the UFC 232 card, but with this lawsuit in mind you need to wonder whether it is going to affect him.
In terms of McGregor, he’s still dealing with the Nevada Athletic Commission in regards to the UFC 229 incident where Nurmagomedov jumped over the fence. It’s been rumored McGregor plans to fight in MMA again in 2019, but until we see what sort of sanction he will get for UFC 229 it is hard to say precisely when he’ll compete again, and against who. The bus attack clearly did not hurt McGregor’s stock as much as it hurt a number of the other fighters daily, including Rose Namajunas, that says the bus attack mentally scarred her and that has not fought since UFC 223. While McGregor has made millions since then, other fighters that afternoon such as Ray Borg were severely affected by the incident, and it’s difficult to blame people who were hurt from the attack to try and sue McGregor and determine what happens in the courts.

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