We could spend this slide talking about Kobe Bryant’s triumphant return from injury or Byron Scott’s old-timey rejection of this three-point shot.
We could touch on the potential of newcomer Julius Randle, the breakout chances for Ed Davis or the over/under on”and-1!” Screams per match from Carlos Boozer (it is 6.5).
But no. No. It’s much too soon for that. The grief is still too raw.
Steve Nash–two-time MVP, offensive maestro and Decent dude–is via, according to a report from B/R’s Kevin Ding:
The most up-to-date and perhaps last setback of Steve Nash’s disappointing tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers has come.
Nash was ruled out for the 2014-15 NBA year due to recurring nerve damage in his back, according to league sources.
Even though all of us saw this coming long ago, the stark reality that among those game’s most transformative trendsetters is finished does not hurt any less. This is a loss for the NBA–one mitigated only marginally how far the league gained out of Nash’s offensive genius and amusing style.
Truthfully, a wholesome Nash would not have made a difference for the Los Angeles Lakers this season –not at age 40 and not for a group that has precisely zero above-average defensive players. L.A. was almost certainly a lottery team in the West before he went down, and it’ll remain one without him.
Bummer into the max.

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