One team Brown could be pursued by which is the Patriots. New England’s pass strike would benefit by adding Brown because he’s a threat that is deep.
The very best illustration of his skills is contrary to Jacksonville in which Pittsburgh mounted a comeback by allowing him go catch it while being defended by elite cornerback Jalen Ramsey and throwing up the ball to Brown at the 2017 AFC Divisional Round.
Brown demands a great deal of attention from the defense and constantly is extremely tough to defend. New England may use him because it lacks a danger outside the underachieving Josh Gordon.
Julian Edelman is already tough because he’s such a intelligent and savvy route-runner to guard. Together with Edelman and Brown, the pass assault of New England could rank among league leaders and could be versatile.
An individual can object that New England doesn’t need to manage the drama that Brown brings with him. If anybody, I believe Brown could be handled by Coach Belichik. To assuage any possibility of controversy, I am sure he would be stricter than Mayock and Gruden really are.
Bear in mind, this is. Belichick would limit his access to websites organs.
My other offender to pursue Brown will be Washington. Owner Dan Snyder loves Earning cash for high profile veterans.
He also has not been resistant to registering veterans that have ego problems, 1 instance being dresser Clinton Portis.
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