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Trans female athletes must lower their rates of testosterone, sports governing body the IAAF has mastered.
To be able to compete in the group, competitors must keep their levels of testosterone.
The IAAFs past limit for organic testosterone was 10 nanomoles.
The new regulation is just like that which applies to athletes with gaps of sexual development (DSD), such as Caster Semenya.
Semenya is hard the IAAF rules that she along with other athletes with DSD have to take drugs switch to some other distance or to be able to compete in track events from 400m to the mile.
The rules on organic testosterone levels had been declared on Monday following a meeting of the IAAF Council at Doha.
Under the regulations there is a transgender female athlete needed to be recognised by law in her sex but should offer a declaration which her gender identity is female.
She has to show the testosterone level has to maintain below that level, and within her serum has been less than five nanomoles continuously for a period of 12 or more months prior to being declared qualified.
Ben Hunte, BBC LGBT correspondent:
Whilst it may be stated in athletic events that most people support the long-held clinic of different female and male groups, specifying who exactly belongs to those two groups is currently creating a ongoing debate.
Gender is now seen by many areas of society as wider than the standard binaries ofborn male andborn feminine, yet figures in many different sectors are fighting to correct – .
From physical assessments to testing, this ruling is the hottest in trying to regulate transgender individuals bodies. Some hugely renowned cisgender feminine (female born) athletes say its for a good reason. Their concerns have been continually flagged by Several about transgender athletes competing in their sports, including Sharron Davies and Martina Navratilova, namely around advantages.
However, LGBT activists warn that this process from the IAAF is fear-mongering. They point out that there are not famous transgender athletes competing to justify this level of debate with trans individuals making less than 1 percent of the populace.
How many elite-level transgender athletes can you name?
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