Employing shares spread and the UK 100 betting as an example, determine how you can go long or short on the financial markets, based on whether you expect prices to fall or rise.
Spread betting example 1: purchasing ABC Company stocks In this instance, ABC Company is trading at 100/102 (where 100 is the market price and 102 is your buy price). The spread is two.
Let us assume you would like to open a buy position (go long) at #2 per stage because you believe the purchase price of ABC Company will proceed up.???
Let’s say our gross profit rate for ABC Company is 5 percent, which means that you merely need to deposit 5% of their total position’s worth (position margin) to put your transaction. Therefore, in this example, your position gross will be #10.20 (5 percent x (#2 x 102)).??????
Bear in Mind that when the price moves against you, then It’s likely to lose more than your outlay of 10.20, as losses will be based on the full value of the position.??? ???
P???lease note when spread is applicable upon execution of any purchase and betting equities an extra spread is built in to the spread wager cost displayed on the stage.

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