Former captain Ryan Jones considers the Wales squad have now been given”a massive lift” ahead of the Rugby World Cup, following 15,000 individuals flocked to observe their receptive training session in Kitakyushu.
Wales came at the stadium where they’re training from locals to a rendition of the Welsh national anthem, also are based at the southern Japanese city, which will not host any matches throughout the tournament.
Warren Gatland’s team get their championship also triple Grand Slam winner Jones claims the reception they have received will benefit the players.
“I’ve never experienced anything like this in my career. It’s astonishing and it has been very emotional,” said Jones, who played for Wales in 2004-2014.
“It has been hosting a celebration. This morning we got up and we were saying’oh, I hope it goes well and folks will turn up’.
“Then to see the temptations and then to observe the gamers’ faces when they came out, it was simply magical.
“It’s surpassed our expectations. As the men are just one week from our first match, and also to have an experience like this makes it home how it is, it’s great.
“It will give the gamers a huge lift. The fantasy was supposed to turn the city red and we have done that.”
Jones, who helped build links between the Welsh Rugby Union and Kitakyushu, added:”If you look back on things on your career, establishing that has been magnificent.
“Viewing the players when they arrived at the welcome party the other night, and watching their faces here, they didn’t understand it.
“They’ve not seen anything like this and they will remember it forever. I understand we will return – and long may it continue.”

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