Preventing Dublin’s Jack McCaffrey is now vital to Kerry’s chances at the match, according to ex-Meath celebrity Paddy O’Rourke.
The Kingdom was able to nullify many of the Sky Blues’ chief threats as Con O’Callaghan, Brian Fenton and Paul Mannion were kept silent. However, Clontarf guy McCaffrey ran riot from play.
O’Rourke believes that it’s not quite as straightforward as Kerry assigning 1 marker to keep tabs.
“I really don’t think they have one individual that will go with him (McCaffrey) for about 70 minutes,” opined O’Rourke about the AIB GAA Podcast.
“If you look at his scores at the second half, then Paul Murphy dropped back in the front of the full-back line for Kerry. Dublin said’Jack, push him up so he’s not liberated’ and he also scored two points – one with abandoned and one . Kerry might have to combine it – they need lads on the park who are quick-thinking, who are currently going to go with him.
“Lads will need to tactically foul, as they state, to suppress his sway. The goal came out of him not 1 man crossing his run and taking off, placing a hand across his chest, pulling his jersey – just doing the arts that you would expect for a group to get across the line. There will have to be a frequent bond there across the half-back lineup, midfield and half-forwards, to take it in turns to go with him frustrate him and prevent him getting at the conclusion of those movements.”
Celebrity Colm Cooper disagreed, implying Keane must commit one participant together with following McCaffrey’s attention.
Dublin drawback may have satisfied the flying wing-back from the drawn match.
“About Jack McCaffrey, I believe Dublin heading down to 14 men satisfied McCaffrey because the Kerry men were puzzled and handed him on saying’you pick him up’ and it took away the responsibility and responsibility of men – and you can not do that with Jack McCaffrey,” explained Cooper.
“He’s in a league of their own regarding the way he strikes.
Cooper added:”That which I would like Kerry and Peter Keane to do is, whoever is picking up Jack McCaffrey, your attention is solely on himand do not worry about what’s happening around you.
“Last day. . .Jack McCaffrey ran onto things, also spent the majority of his time working in the region as well as the Kerry men were not sure who was to pick up him That is not good enough out of a Kerry standpoint and Peter will perform a lot of work on that.
“Can Stephen O’Brien pick him up? Can someone else? We don’t know but I’d be amazed if Jack has the identical impact as the last day.”
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