Quique Sanchez Flores outlined his plans to turn to their fortunes, and admits he wasn’t surprised to hear in him, just 3 years after letting him move.
Watford sacked Javi Gracia last weekend with the club of the Premier League, carrying only one point from four games, and it doesn’t get much easier on Super Sunday, hosting Arsenal live on Sky Sports Premier League (kick-off in 4.30pm).
Sanchez Flores’ contract in Watford wasn’t renewed despite finishing 13th in their very first season back in the top flight for eight decades.
Speaking only to Sky Sports, the Spaniard insists that he has great memories and feelings and states any turnaround will have all the players’ mentality, and not their talent or strategies.
Asked whether it was a strange sense to return, ” he told Geoff Shreeves:”No. Seriously, you have memories that are good, although when you venture out of a club, the chance is open to reunite. I did the same. It’s possible.
“You have enough time to repair the feelings, should you feel frustrated or hard. Three years continues to be quite a while in my life, particularly with my age! So I had the time comprehend and to fix everything. So it is not a issue.
“I was not surprised [Watford approached me]. It is soccer not because I’m good, but in life. It does not only happen in football, but in life. Men and women get back with somebody? Return with the feelings?
“It is not just football. Like it’s the sole thing in the world we discuss football. Coming back to get a group is just like coming back to your children, or back for a connection, or back into a location you lived. It’s just the same.
“It is not a drama. At Watford being a play, I never watched any portion of my time, I saw it.
Watford enjoyed a good season under Sanchez Flores at 2015/16, beating against Arsenal in the Emirates, and the likes of Liverpool at Vicarage Road into an FA Cup cursory Look in their way.
Even though Sanchez Flores says he’ll attempt something to this time around, he knows soccer states attitude is essential, and has changed in three years.
“At this time the mindset is more significant than the bodily, or the tactical. If they are really fit in the mind, they are able to do a great deal of things. When you lose, you lose that power in your brain.
“We shall try to do some thing similar. However, since it is three years later, you can never compare, and the football philosophy is different now. However, the most significant thing is to learn our scenario, attempt to fix whenever possible, try to modify the level, the place in the team, and try to breathe well, because teams at the bottom, the players could be anxious and with no assurance.
“It is not about the coach – it’s not necessarily about Javi Gracia, we adore Javi Gracia, he is excellent – but it’s not about that, it’s about the outcomes. Outcomes in football now are very unstable, it’s impossible to understand what will happen, because each and every match is tough.
“The position of the team today is creating the players a little bit weak, and so the most important issue is to recover the gamers and provide more soul and confidence that they can win”
With morality, and references, the restart begins for Sanchez Flores his passion for basketball and team sports’ success is down to the power of their line.
“Is [defence] our biggest problem? Yes. We need to recognise the importance of the defence. Not just football, but in all sports. Since I was a kid, I follow a lot of NBA. Toronto have a good staff in offensive too, and I followed the finals, with Toronto Raptors and Golden State, and they won the set.
“In the previous match, if they won, the journalists moved right to the trainer to ask:’What is the secret? Can you overcome the Warriors?’ He said that the secret was the fire and the defence.
“For every single collective group game, it is essential to defend. It’s the same if you are playing with handball, football, hockey, basketball. If you do not have a good defence, it is tricky to achieve your goals”

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