Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher finally got the chance to populate their performances in Vincent Kompany’s testimonial during Monday Night Football – and had lots to say on each other’s performances…
The MNF pundits and old Premier League competitions lined up around precisely the same side against Kompany’s Manchester City Legends in the Etihad on Tuesday night – but had been abandoned handed inside 60 seconds when Martin Petrov got beyond the two to evaluate the opening goal in the opening minute of that which ended a 2-2 draw.
They put their expert evaluation following Aston Villa’s draw with West Ham to the evaluation on their performances – so who was to blame? Well it might surprise you to know they didn’t quite see eye to eye…
Follow on the link above to watch them at full flow or see the following highlights below!
It’s very early in this match. I think Jamie would concur I start off in a good place, his place is horrific. For a centre-back, it’s horrific.
After David Silva’s on the ball, what the right-back ought to do is begin to run back. I didn’t, but at the point I did not believe my centre-back was going to be behind me. My marking is poor but it!
Michael Carrick is trapped in the John Stones situation, asking what’s Jamie Otamendi doing there in front of his additional centre-back? Then you’ve got Ashley (Cole) Walker enjoying them all onside!
Who was the supervisor? Roberto Martinez. Do the supervisors wish to play? They are interested in having the team compact. Gary Neville’s asking me to perform the old fashioned one, return, shield ourselves – we’re playing in a game , against Manchester City.
Look at these two full-backs appearing after themselves -‘oooh that the winger’s too fast for me!’ – it is not the Petrov of it, Leroy Sane! If he makes it, your back four ought to be no distance between the lines, compact, whether Neville’s at which he needs to be he can block the run.
You have got full-backs looking after themselves, Gary Neville, Ashley Cole, killing the remainder of the team, although we talk about groups that are compact.

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