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By Andrew Benson
Chief F1 writer
Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel says he is”not worried” about his form after he wrecked his Italian Grand Prix using a twist and collision.
Vettel hit Point’s Racing once rejoining following a twist out of position on lap six.
“The rate is there so I am not stressed. It is just a matter of putting things together,” he explained.
Vettel has been given three penalty points, placing him away from a race prohibit.
Formula 1 principles dictate should they accrue 12 penalty points that drivers receive an race ban.
Vettel has obtained all his.
That means another major driving mistake from Russian, the coming Singapore or Japanese Grands Prix could activate an automatic suspension.
Vettel said after the Grand Prix he was”not aware” of the penalty-point situation.
The race has been won with his own team-mate Charles Leclerc, his second in a row, following his victory in Belgium the week.
Vettel has not won a race because the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix, and was near a success this season only once, when he crossed the line first in Canada in June but had been demoted to second by a five-second penalty for rejoining the trail dangerously after heading off while still under stress from Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.
Vettel said in Italy on Sunday:”In my side, I am not happy, not with how it went with that twist.
“Then the race was pretty much lost out there but the team was still going and after it was shut by Kimi [Raikkonen] this past season, now Charles sealed the success at the conclusion for the team.”
There’s concern and consternation at F1 in the regularity with which Vettel is making mistakes – an average of one every 3 races since a year’s French Grand Prix.
Monza watched his fourth major mistake this year:
Vettel has been given two penalty points for each of the events in Silverstone and also Montreal, and his remaining two were for braiding while trying to pass him.
Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto did not directly cover the problem has said that the mistakes of Vettel should be found in context, which at other races he has put in solid performances and/or worked as a team player.
Binotto also stated in Monza there was no doubt about Vettel’s place at Ferrari for 2020:”I’ve said it and I’m confirming it – to next year Sebastian and Charles are our motorists and there is no doubt at all about this.”
As the team photograph was combined by Vettel following the race, his name was chanted by the Ferrari team members.
Since Vettel had for Leclerc on the initial, since Leclerc had not abided by an agreement to provide him a slipstream in their runs privately vettel was miserable after qualifying at Monza.
Leclerc said that it had been a result of the confusion at the end of qualifying, in which the automobiles were bunched and moved slowly around their’out’ lap to attempt and avoid being in the queue, because a slipstream is worth around 0.5 minutes a lap in Monza.
Leclerc did finally move facing Vettel about the near the corner, but neither made it to place a lap that is final. That meant Leclerc was on pole and Vettel on the grid.
Radio communications in the time revealed the frustration of Vettel with what went on. Ferrari refused to disclose what was said although the drivers talked about the problem using Binotto on Saturday day.
After Leclerc won Sunday, Binotto said in German”perdonato” on the radio, which means”I forgive you”.
Binotto told the press:”This means whatever occurred in the very last days that we talked – and that is something which will remain between us at least today he did a fantastic job which has been a way of saying at least we had been happy for the job he did.”
Asked whether he believed the incident would sour the relationship between the motorists, Binotto explained:”It’s something we discussed internally. There can be points of view the out lap was a situation for everyone.
“But we are looking forward. I know I can depend on them. I believe it won’t impact [it]it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. The spirit is whatever you can do there’s something to understand.”
Vettel reported the problems that were qualifying had not influenced his mentality entering the race and were not relevant to his mistake.
“I was in good spirits so that I really don’t think that had any effect,” he said.
Has has altered?
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