. Los Angeles Dodgers
Move: None, Team Rating: 93, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen & Rate The Dodgers are no winning nearly 68% of the games, and also have one of the best run differentials in baseball. Their pitching was enormous with aging arms, and everything is clicking on the other side. There is no dethroning that the Dodgers this week.
2. New York Yankees
Move: +3, Team Rating: 91, Strengths: Starting Pitching & Offense, Weaknesses: Injuries & Bullpen
The Yankees just spanned the 50 win mark, and they’re getting healthier and fitter. This really is the AL group to be reckoned with, and once they get their rotation straightened out, they will improve more. Overcoming adversity continues to be the largest asset for New York.
3. Houston Astros
Transfer: -1, Team Rating: 89, Strength: Bullpen, Starting Pitching, Offense, Weakness: None
Injuries have taken a toll on the Houston Astros, but some of them are working their way backagain. They still lead the AL West by 5games, and that’s not likely to change moving ahead.
4. Minnesota Twins
Move: -1, Team Rating: 77, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Starting Pitching & Bullpen
Minnesota has come back down to earth a little bit, but are one of the very few teams at or beyond the 50 win mark. The Twins have among the best run differentials in the league. I am still hesitant to put them any greater in contrast to the elite teams, but one go could push them over the top.
5. Atlanta Braves
Move: +5, Team Rating: 83, Strengths: Offense, Weaknesses: Bullpen
After a subpar start to this season, Atlanta is really pushing from the NL East. They are now six games up on the Phillies, and while I have questions about the turning, the offense continues to carry the manner.

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