A recent trip to Australia proved tearful, emotional and motivational for Ellen Keane and yet another quite young swimmer…
So what happened to this 24-year-old Sky Sports Scholar from Dublin…
I had been in Australia recently and also a daddy – who follows me media and resides in Sydney – invited me to see if Id like to satisfy .
Shes called Gemma, is a swimmer and nine and we planned a surprise.
I led down to Bondi beach with my very best friend whos we fulfilled with Gemmas dad and a swimming instructor. She was in the water and I cried out to her Ellen Keane was ! . She statedwhat exactly are you talking about? And only looked at me.
I stumbled at Gemma and she started freaking out! Her response was so overwhelming and just priceless. It was so cute. My friend was bawling!
She rushed back to the water and obtained her sister and she had been freaking out too well when I started waving in her! I got to talk.
It was such a lovely surprise. She said she loved looking at my photos about Instagram and she made jokes.
I agreed it was great having the ability to make light of your arm and that I told her that it is amazing having something many other people dont have.
I feel lucky and blessed to be in a position meet little children such as Gemma and to do what I do.

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