The Chicago Cubs look to get Nearer to the St. Louis Cardinals with a win and some help from the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates did their role with a 9-4 win over the NL Central leading Cardinals. However, the Cubs didn’t draw due to some reduction to the Brewers. Then they took a 1-0 lead in the 3rd and things turned to mush in a hurry.
The Brewers responded with 4 runs in the bottom half of the inning and cruised to a 7-1 triumph Friday night at Miller Park. With the loss, the Diamondbacks managed to inch closer at the hunt. The Cubs hold a 2.5-game edge about the Diamondbacks going into now. Just the simple fact that we are speaking about the Diamondbacks at a postseason race is a triumph for them.
As far as the Brewers are involved, they have an outside shot at going to the postseason. So there’s something to play for this particular season at the present time, their season is not dead yet. The Brewers are connected together with the Mets and Phillies who are the final wildcard all four games back. The largest disappointing season that group has to visit the Phillies. They were the team that spent $330-million dollars.
The Cubs would be a disappointing year. They’ve got too much talent to not at least go to the Wild Card Game. It will be a long offseason for the Cubs if they throw away this, but they also control their own fate with a 2.5-game lead.
Yu Darvish pitching down the stretch might help contribute to this. Darvish has given a boost recently and watching him struggle down the stretch could be catastrophic to the Cubs. Darvish is expected to get the start against Gio Gonzalez. Head below for our complimentary Cubs vs. Brewers pick.
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Yu Darvish has proven he can still be an elite pitcher. Since July 12th, Darvish has experienced some attempts where he had been painting the mountain for the Cubs with a picture. Darvish has lived up to expectations most of the time in the previous two months, although he can be a pitcher that oftentimes one of the most overrated hurlers in baseball. Ever since then, Darvish has three trips at which he blanked the opposition together with no runs.
His most notable of the bunch was on August 15th from the Phillies, where Darvish allowed 4 hits and no runs across 7 innings. In his most recent performance, Darvish was strong with 5 strikes and. Also notice that on the board, he has allowed fewer or 2 runs in six of the last nine trips. Darvish was excellent in spurts recently. We’ll see whether he could get one of those starts against the Brewers in Milwaukee.
The road has been fine to Darvish and he has been great. Darvish has posted an ERA of 3.50 and also 1.04 WHIP in 82.1 innings on the street. The Brewers are currently hitting on just .202 from 104 at-bats contrary to Darvish. Gio Gonzalez has been good against the Cubs as well, but they’ve also scored 17 runs against him in 198 at-bats.
Gio was struggling of late, with a 5.54 ERA and also 1.85 WHIP in his past three outings. Miller Park was a haunted home for him, as he’s gotten hammered to get a 5.64 ERA as opposed to a 2.92 ERA in the street. The balls have hurt him, yielding 6 of these at 30.1 innings of work. Following a performance Friday night, expect the Cubs to come back to Miller Park having a much better effort. Think about the Cubs here.

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