Joe Osborne nailed then he and his 2 Monday Night Football selections on yesterday’s show and Kris Abbott go back to break down more football as well as their four Major League Baseball bets on Tuesday.
To the Week 2 NFL schedule, Joe looks forward Initially and breaks down his favorite wager you ought to get because the Dallas Cowboys see the Washington Redskins in a row to begin the 2019 season to their divisional game.
Kris does the same but now for college football as he takes a peek at the Alabama Crimson Tide meeting the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Week Alabama board.
It’s four MLB selections and Joe gets things started with a moneyline drama because the Tampa Bay Rays and 2 pitchers who appear to be going in opposite directions and the Texas Rangers visit.
As of the morning, the New York Yankees had not recorded their starting pitcher because of tonight’s meeting therefore no lines are on the board, but won’t stop Kris out of creating a play .
Joe has a different moneyline play in the diamond, yet this time it stems from the American League Central since the Kansas City Royals see the Chicago White Sox.
Kris wraps up the show since the Seattle Mariners are visited by the Cincinnati Reds.
Then you should be joining us live each weekday at noon ET in our YouTube channel as the series wraps up with a Q&A session for our viewers, so if there is anything you wanted to ask!

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