New York Jets wide receiver Quincy Enunwa will miss the rest of the season after maintaining his next severe neck injury head coach Adam Gase declared.
Before registering a four-year, $36m contract extension in December, enunwa, who sat out the full 2017 year because of an ailing throat, also missed five matches in 2018 to ankle injuries.
The Enunwa had just one catch for yards in New York’s loss to Buffalo on Sunday.
Gase explained the Jets”discovered the following day after the game” about Enunwa’s injury when he advised the group he”didn’t feel right after the game.”
“You eliminate a rookie, you get rid of a man who’s a veteran player that has been through a lot, that’s done a lot of good things,” Gase said.
“He’s done everything you could ask a guy to do. He attempts to do everything . He works hard, he analyzes, he tries to lead by example if he has to and he speaks . Everything was barbarous and that he gives everything he’s got.
“I really feel for himjust from the aspect of what he’s going through with anything like this. It is not something that’s easy for guys who’ve been doing this their whole life”
The Jets prepared for the reduction of Enunwa using Tuesday’s trade with New England for Demaryius Thomas, who will join Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder.
New York sent its AFC East competition a sixth-round pick. He also spent five seasons coaching Thomas using the Denver Broncos, three as his position coach (2010-12) and 2 as his offensive coordinator (2013-14).
Gase told reporters he expected Thomas to perform Monday night from Cleveland (0-1), assuming the 31-year-old moves his physical.
Since being selected in the sixth round the 2014 NFL Draft enunwa has recorded 119 receptions, 1,617 receiving yards and five touchdowns in 40 career games.

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