Malaysians are enthusiastic fans when it comes to sports like English Premier League, NBA or motor racing. You know there’s a significant game happening when local cafes are stuffed to the brim.
But there are no reasons to restrict your fire to front of large screen projectors. You can take your fire legally to online gambling in Malaysia. You’ll experience pure adrenaline rush and excitement as though you’re the striker scoring a goal, or even a hapless goalkeeper conceding one.
But, getting the right online sports gambling sites which are Malaysian friendly can be pretty tough. Some does not allow you to place bets on our regional RM currency at all. But do not let this get you disheartened.
We have put together a listing of the top sports betting site that welcomes Malaysians. Not just you’ll feel in your home with the bonuses provided, you will also be able to deposit in RM. All you have to do is spend some time reading this useful guide to locate the greatest online sports betting website for Malaysians.

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