was launched in 1996 by Patrick Callahan as a site by the title of that concentrated solely on bookmaking. In 1998, Callahan was the very first bar owner with a bookmaking business to take credit cards. The early history of this site is much more or less classified in the hands of those owners. By late 1998, the website became and was changed to in 2006 to prevent seizure following the US enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.
The sportsbook has been recognized by the likes of Yahoo Sports and ESPN. Eventually, a poker room and small online casino were added to the mix. was temporarily traded on the London Stock Exchange from 2001 to 2006. The business has flourished through the last few years and is claimed to be among the largest sportsbooks and internet casinos available to US-players. With countless bonuses and promotions on the sportsbook and poker platform, and advanced slot games powered by BetSoft, we had to give this website a go.
Who is How long have they been in operation? doesn’t share much info on their website. Most of what I heard about these came from other review sites and forums.
Let us begin with what I could find on their site, then cover the stuff I discovered elsewhere.
At the footer of their site it says that the website is owned by Domain Holdings Limited. I did a quick Google search and there’s very little information out there about this company. I did discover that other websites owned by Domain Holdings (at one point, anyway) including PlayersOnly, Carbon Casino, LinesMaker, Go Horse Betting and BetUSA.
Additionally, I found an older article (from 2008) that mentioned them changing their name from Jassy Sports Occasions LTD to Domain Holdings Limited.
That was as far as I got with the info on their site.
Elsewhere on the net — I found out that has been in business since 1996 — so over 20 years now. That says a lot about a gambling site. Usually fantastic things.

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